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Sun, Jan. 23rd, 2005, 06:16 am

That cowboy died. I don't know how yet but there was a Dark Mark at Hogsmeade and he was killed there. I thought it was supposed to be safe here. First they are murdered in this Forbidden Forest. Then right in the town.

My parents sent me here for various reasons, but I wonder now if they'll want me to come back. Part of me wants to go back and part of me wants to stay here. I still miss Durmstrang and I don't think anyone is being murdered there. But I have good friends here. There is a Durmstrang girl with whom I never even spoke back there, oddly, and my best droogie, Neville. The brother of light, him, and brother of dark, me. He said something like that.

I also like being prefect and how some of the sixth years are surprised that a fifth year is in their DADA class. So many of them are so backward in their defenses. Will this help wake them up or will so many still insist on ignorning what's happening?