Two Russians -- Three Points of View (an old Russian saying)

Zebastian Nikolaievich Rostov
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'Give bees honey and they don't sting. Anger them and you're sorry.'
--Old Proverb

House: Slytherin
Year: Five (Advanced into 6th Year Potions and DADA)
Age: Fifteen
Birthday: November 19

Zebastian Nikolaievich Rostov was born in Moscow, USSR to Nikolai Gavrilovich Rostov, a pureblood wizard and Marinka Evenesceau, a Romanian/Welsh half-blood witch. He spent most of his early years like any other Russian child, going to school and trying to behave under the strict Communist Regime. True, his parents belonged to the wizarding world and he isn't a squib, but in the atmosphere where people had to guard themselves lest they arouse suspicion, his family found itself sharing more similarities with muggles around them than they would have in a free society because almost everyone had something to hide. When he was five, his father was the first to go work at Durmstrang in Bulgaria, while his mum stayed with her son in Moscow. When it was time for him to attend the magical school, his mother moved with him and soon had employment at the school, too, assisting her husband with his Transfiguration class.

Zebastian's years at Durmstrang were stormy. Having an opinionated, stern father and a much more practical, yet loving, mother, things were rarely boring. And he really hit his teen years like he was permanently flying full speed on a Firebolt, with the main hilight being rebellion against whatever his parents wanted him to do. He became bad at Transfiguration. His parents did not support Death Eaters so he decided he would. Of course, it wasn't too difficult in a place like Durmstrang, where Dark Arts were taught, after all, and Karkarov's beliefs were suspect.

Then the Dark Lord was on the rise again, and Zebastian's father decided his son would be much better off under the protection of Dumbledore. Considering Karkarov's disappearance and quite a lot of upheaval at Durmstrang, he sent wife and son to Britain. But not until after Zebastian ran away, was found, and had to be brought back under Imperio.

His father got him to promise he would stay at Hogwarts. Well, promise made promise kept, so he most certainly doesn't appear at his new school under the influence of an Unforgivable Curse. However, his mood is anything but forgiving and calm when he arrives at Hogwarts.

(October 23 - November 21)
the Scorpion. Fixed, water, yin - planetary rulers: Mars and Pluto. Keywords: "I DESIRE"

What is said of Slytherins born under all other signs is doubly true of Slytherins born under Scorpio. (Or was it that what is said of Scorpios is doubly true of Scorpios sorted into Slytherin?) There is no middle ground here - these wizards can embody all that is the very best in the world... or all that is the very worst. They are heroes, or they are villains. They are attracted to the dark, twisted, and forbidden mysteries of the world from the day they are born, and only they can determine whether they will study the dark arts in order to oppose them, or to embrace them. However, as Scorpio is a sign of transformation and regeneration, it is not impossible for even the most evil of dark wizards to turn to the path of good... Scorpio Slytherins have uncanny wisdom, insight into human psychology, and high "emotional IQ's." They are incredibly ambitious, often exist in a state of total ego, and if misused or hurt, can nurse the wound and seethe for decades. Still, although they are often tempted to do horrible things in the name of glory or discovery, they nevertheless are often the kindest, most compassionate, and most forgiving people of all, for they have seen their own inner darkness, faced it, and do not run from it when they encounter it in others.

From Harry Potter Astrology